WHAT IS newwaysofworking™?

newwaysofworking™, including work/life balance and teleworking, are clearly the directions in which organisations in both the public and private sector are now moving. The benefits to the employer and the employee are indisputable. Lower costs, higher productivity, better recruitment, staff retention and performance, lower stress and sickness rates and improved quality of life. Everybody gains.

Flexible working can take many forms. Flexibility of working hours, working locations and remuneration.

Our consultancy service can advise client organisations in the following areas:


  1. The Back of an Envelope
    Review of the different forms of flexible working. Review of the client's reasons for doing it. Review of the issues involved. Quick calculations of the financial costs and possible gains. Recommendations on how to proceed (or not to do so).
  2. TheWhole Page
    Specific calculations of the client's business case for recommending what forms of flexible working would be most appropriate, using prescribed templates. Presentation to the management board on the facts and the issues.
  3. The Full Report
    Detailed analysis of the cost benefit business case in financial, social and human terms. Interviews and consultations with potential staff involved to gauge views and reactions. In depth presentation to the management board to report findings, explain issues and make recommendations.


  1. The Abridged Version
    Production of selection criteria for suitable jobs that can be worked flexibly and advice on what forms of flexible working would be most appropriate. Production of selection criteria for possible flexible workers from outside and from within the organisation. Production of selection criteria for the managers of flexible workers. Design of interview methods for the above. Briefing of HR specialists in the above.
  2. The Unabridged Version
    Production of all selection and assessment materials, including psychometric instruments. Conduct of interviews and assessments. Reports on each applicant. Feedback to the client. Feedback to applicants.


  1. The Harder Side
    Production of company specific checklists for:
    - Human Resources policies
    - employment contracts
    - Occupational Health and Safety
    - insurance
    - expenses, overtime and sickness leave
    - data security and access
    - ICT equipment, ownership, maintenance and costs.
  2. The Softer Side
    Production of company specific checklists for:
    - managing from a distance
    - agreeing performance targets
    - agreeing reporting systems
    - appraising staff performance
    - communicating from a distance
    - running meetings
    - video conferencing
    - teleconferencing
    - maintaining teamwork
    - working at home
    - setting up the home office
    - managing the family.


Assessing the effectiveness
Production of success criteria for schemes
Assessment of potential schemes
Assessment of existing schemes
Advice on modifications.

Our training service provides programs and materials in the following related areas. All training is tailored to the forms of flexible working operated by the client and can be fitted into client operating patterns and constraints.



Lightship People Systems is on the APSC ‘Panel of Providers’ and has therefore been assessed as being a provider of high quality training and consulting services suitable for use by Commonwealth Departments. We are also on the NSW Department of Education and Training ‘List of Resource Developers’.

For more information or a free, no commitment, exploratory discussion, please contact:

David Neyle at Lightship People Systems on (02) 9955-0999 or lightship@spin.net.au


Tim Russell on (08) 9285 0265 or newwaysofworking@TimRussellGroup.com or visit our website: www.TimRussellGroup.com

David Neyle

David established Lightship People Systems in 2001 as a supplier of boutique human resources and training services to organisations and the people working within them. Lightship People Systems is the culmination of nearly 20 years experience as a learning & development trainer and manager, combined with practical experience as a human resources manager for some of Australia’s best-known private-sector companies and public authorities.

Lightship People Systems focuses on the ways that work is organised, and how this work organisation integrates with organisational systems. Thus strategic human resource management systems and workplace systems are a focus for the projects that David manages. Examples of some typical projects include:

Lightship People Systems is on the Australian Public Service Commission ‘Panel of Providers’ and the NSW Department of Education and Training ‘List of Resource Developers’. David has been closely involved in the reform of training in Australia, and has held active roles on a number of state Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs).

Clients of Lightship People Systems have included:

Boeing- Hawker de Havilland
Australian Rail Track Corporation
Dept of Community Services (NSW)
Boral Masonry
Rail Infrastructure Corp (NSW)
Snowy River Shire Council
Monaro Rural Health Service
Kellogg Brown Root

Originally trained as an electronics and telecommunications engineer, David maintains a keen interest in engineering science. The synthesis of human resource management/training and development with engineering gives David a keen empathy with technology-based firms and the people who work in these organisations.

David holds the following academic and professional qualifications:

Tim Russell

Tim has been an international management and training consultant since 1979; advising
companies in three major areas:

  1. training and development of managers and professional staff in interpersonal skills and organisational change;
  2. training and development of those staff responsible for training; and
  3. setting up customer service strategies.


Assignments for a number of significant organisations including:

Britain & Europe

Air France
Allen & Overy
Barclays and Lloyds Banks
Blockbuster Video
Britannia Airways
British Aerospace
Central Bank of Malta
Health and Safety Executive
J Sainsbury
Lloyds Register of Shipping
Lombard Bank
Marks & Spencer
MidMed Bank (Malta)

PIL (Norwegian Engineering Employers
Rolls Royce Motor Company
Standard Chartered Bank
The British Council
University of East London
Victim Support
Virgin Trains

Asia Pacific

Changi International Airport Services
Development Bank of Singapore
DHL International
Government of Brunei
HDB (Singapore)
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Pratt &Whitney
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airport Terminal Services
Singapore National Employers Fed.
Skills Development Fund (Singapore)
Standard Chartered Bank
The British Council


Australian Government Solicitor
Driver Australia
National Office for the Information Economy
Queensland Department of Natural
Resources and Mines
Tasmanian Department of Health and
Human Services
University of Sydney

Additional consulting roles

Extensive international experience with governmental, industrial and commercial organisations and Institutes of Management in Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and throughout Europe.

Past employment has included Group Management Development Manager for the Berec (Ever Ready) Group of companies; Chief Training Officer for the British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education (BACIE); and chemical engineer with the Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd.

Professional Qualifications

Publications and appearances

Originator of the microskills™ system of training in interpersonal skills.

Effective Feedback Skills, Kogan Page. Now available in several languages.

Gower Handbook of Management Skills (contributor) Gower.
What’s Wrong with Training, Kogan Page; (in progress)

Executive Producer on several customer care training videos.

Numerous journal articles for British, European, American, Far Eastern, Australian and New Zealand publications.

Television, radio and conference appearances in the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific.

Entry in Who’s Who in the World.

Contact details

Tim Russell & Co
112 Defoe House
London EC2Y 8ND United Kingdom
tel: + 44 20 7638 5357

Training Advances Pty Ltd
2 Belford Road
City Beach
Western Australia 6015
tel: + 61 8 9285 0265

email: info@TimRussellGroup.com

new ways of working™

The new ways of working™ service helps client companies to prepare the organisation and the staff for the evolving world of work. ‘Flexibility’ is the key word and we advise on the psychological and sociological effects of flexible working arrangements and flexible benefits.

We also research the likely changes caused by trends and new patterns of demographics, cultural values, staff motivations, ICT and globalisation.

Our work, in conjunction with futurists, has implications for recruitment and retention, rewards and benefits, management styles and such issues as teleworking, outsourcing, off-shoring and in-shoring.

Lightship People Systems

Tim Russell's business in the Eastern States of Australia is managed through Lightship People Systems.