Working in different countries has helped us to appreciate our good fortune in living in some of the most wealthy places in the world. Professionally we recognise the huge contribution made by training and development to the success of our client companies and to the benefit of their staff.

So we are very supportive of organisations that use education and training to help people in developing countries to grow the skills to become self supporting. In particular we endorse:


This worldwide organisation works to 'Change the world, one child at a time'. By sponsoring a child in a developing country, patrons help to bring the education and skills necessary for people to learn how to support themselves.

PLAN can be contacted through:


This charity teaches children in richer countries about the life of children in poorer ones. This is done through the medium of photography and internet and through lessons conducted in schools.

Bread'n'Water can be contacted through:



In 2002, a friend of ours, a pilot with Singapore Airlines, Captain Budi Soehardi, and his wife established an orphanage in West Timor after seeing the destruction of the civil war and natural disasters.

He used his salary and his holidays to build what was little more than a hut for four displaced children. There was no electricity and the only water had to be carried in buckets from two miles away.

Seven years on and the orphanage now has 47 children, electricity generators, they have discovered a nearby artesian well that provides them with constant water and they are already self sufficient in rice.

The vision is to provide stability and education for the children and lead them to gain job skills that will enable them to become self sufficient members of society. This year the oldest child enters medical school.

We are very supportive of this as it is so consistent with our values of helping children to help themselves through education.

In recognition of his work, Budi was nominated as a ‘Hero’ on CNN television.

If you would like to know more about the Roslin orphanage or just need cheering up, go to:



For those of us concerned that some of our charitable donations are eaten up by administrative overheads, marketing and salary costs, Kitchen Table Charities is well worth a visit. It is a federation of micro charities that make small but meaningful contributions to people’s lives and every penny given goes directly to help, as all administration is by unpaid volunteers.

They can be found at: